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Finding space for your current records is hard enough. Add to that the burden of locating storage for accumulated records, correspondence, files and reports that your business has generated over past years, and the problem seems insurmountable given the long legal retention requirement for most documents. Sandercock Records Storage Center's clients attest to the ease and economy of storing their important records with us. Here's why:

You have immediate access to exactly the space you need right now, with the assurance that you may have additional space whenever you need it. You may use our storage space and service with the utmost flexibility; we will enlarge or reduce space according to your individual needs.


Our Records Storage Center is a maximum-security warehouse, conveniently located in central San Luis Obispo at 1708 Beach Street.


We use specially constructed 1.3 cubic foot storage cartons designed to store letters and legal sized documents in the same container. The size of the container guarantees ease of handling by your employees and they are also available for use in your office.


Records are sent to our center by transmittal control. Each carton is identified by a current location reference, whether in storage, transit or process of disposal.

Sandercock is currently investing a large amount of capital in state-of-the-art bar code Records Management software and technology to enhance servicing and control. Our development plan will provide you with comprehensive detail of your records and their location, and we will be adding on-line inventory reporting access to customers in the near future.

If you wish, we can even reproduce copies of documents from your files in our office and electronically transmit these to you.


Sandercock Records Storage Center will pick up or deliver records on a "same day" basis or any date you request.


No one sees your records except you or your authorized staff. All cartons and any records indexed are labeled with unique reference numbers ensuring confidentiality and security.


Sandercock Records Storage Center's innovative shelving has been engineered to ensure that all records are immediately accessible. Our investment in new technology means that your records are readily available whenever you need them. All we need is a quick advance phone call so that your records are waiting at the time of your arrival.


When directed by you, records will be destroyed by normal disposal methods and a Certificate of Destruction will be provided to you.


The price of storing your records with us will be a fraction of what it costs you now utilizing your primary business space. You will additionally save on file cabinet costs and inventory management.

document storageCOMPLETE SOLUTIONS

We can assist you with development of a comprehensive record retention schedule if you don't have one now. We can also assist in identifying records having similar retention dates to ensure prompt destruction to further reduce your overall cost of retention. Call us at 543-6163 for complete details on how we can reduce your costs of legal and tax document retention.

Our facilities are carefully organized with all records securely containerized while being readily accessible through index identification at any time you require. And we offer row upon row of space to provide you with as much or as little as you need at any time.

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